About FitVision

FitVision: Activate the resources of your eyes. A program created by Cilica Chlimper

The situation

The intense and prolonged use of computers, smartphones and tablets has a deleterious short- and long-term impact on our eyes. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) has a significant impact on occupational productivity, and it has been reported that between 64% and 90% of computer users experience one or more visual symptoms. Productivity is reduced because people have a harder time concentrating which leads to an increase in errors as well people having the need to take more frequent breaks and, in some cases, there are absenteeism issues related with CVS.

What the science says

Screen work can cause health effects such as visual fatigue, musculoskeletal disorders, and stress. In addition, we know that the blue light produced by screens is toxic for our eyes and that this toxicity causes dryness and tingling, blurred vision, headaches…

The use of screens forces our eyes into a static posture and decreases our eyelid cilia, which are essential for proper eye moistening.

Thanks to FitVision

One can become aware of the state of the eyes, learn to relax and mobilize them, thus preventing eye fatigue and its associated symptoms.


Musculoskeletal injuries associated with computer use may account for at least half of all reported work-related injuries in the USA (Bohr, 2000). Indeed, Speklé et al. (2010) noted that conservative estimates of the cost of musculoskeletal disorders to the USA economy as reported in 2001, were between 45 and 54 billion dollars as noted in the following study:

Studies in Harvard University, medical costs fall by $3.27 for every dollar spend on wellness program and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

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Cilica Chlimper

Cilica has been training her eyes since the age of 8, first to cure a strabismus, then by practicing Tai ji and Indian classical dance.
She is a visionary and leader of new methods in the world of pedagogy and has been a pioneer in the transmission of body practices in the professional world to harmonize the links between the body, the mind and the emotions.

“The originality of my methods is to bring simple, concrete and powerful tools to acquire serenity and to weave creative links with others.

For the past 30 years, Cilica has been involved in teaching and training body and breath techniques and interpersonal communication. The program “FitVision: Activate the resources of your eyes” became alive out of her long experience as a trainer (more than 200 people participate each year in her workshops and courses).